Silent Gold

by Furnsss

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Seagreen Records 021


released 28 November 2014

Furnsss is Brendan Dyer, Parker Nye, Nathan Nye, Jeremy Stern, & Drew Dyer
This album was recorded January-September 2014 in our basement
Tom Nagy shakes on track 2
Melanie Kleid sings on tracks 2, 3, & 8.
Sam Cahill did the album artwork



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Furnsss Connecticut

brendan, parker, jeremy, & nathan.

CT fuzz pop


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Track Name: 79 Cent Gold
Well it'd probably be the death of me if you wouldn't talk to me
If you like to cut it out
why don't you shout it out
Well it would probably be the death of me but don't talk

No I don't wanna do it no more

Well you walk like a melody
when you talk like you talk to me
well what could it be

No I don't wanna do it no more
Track Name: Settle Down
Let's settle down for a ride
the type of things I think you'd like

I'm starting to feel quite old
Doing things that I am told

Working hard all the time
to make my way out of this

It's getting evil all the time
such things you wouldn't mind
you obviously wouldn't mind
Track Name: All Those Things To You
Now for sure he's out the door
Now what's he doing???

All those things to you

well you know that it might be true
where's he going with my money on the floor
its just likeeeeeee
Track Name: Where Did My Pets Go?
I got a lot to say
I learned a darker truth
I caught you in the snow
your dead reflection on the move

I lost a lot of friends
also gained a few
I spent my days inside
hoping things aren't true

And then your dead love made me
toss and squirm and yell
the echos of your vernacular help
I miss my pets are deep beneath and cold
Their sound will take care of me when I'm far too old

Is that you digging up or the kitchen is shaking is it you trying to cling on
Is it you clawing up the boards
when I'm sleeping will you meet me in my dreams?
Track Name: Effy
I take the long walk take the way
I take the way it's hard to say
I walk around and feel the way

I take the route I take the walk
I take the way its hard to say
I walk around and feel the way
Track Name: Charm
There was a time when all we'd spew was slime
We'd yell our fingers off and suddenly everything was fine
A little fight, you'd try to make things right
A little lonely girl with loose ends and a body tight

A tight whip
a little boy that's hip
you're getting uglier and uglier and uglier
so stop there and get some greener hair
its not a sturdy trick but it'll cast you out somewhere
Track Name: Moves
Wear my flannel shirt with my shirt tucked in
Well what's really worth to me?

Drinkin' lots of water staying hydrated every day
what's it worth to me?
what's it worth for me to stay?

I don't know how to do it myself

wah wah wee wah
Track Name: Discover II
Trying to discover
what it is I cannot cover
Trying to uncover
what it is I cannot discover

just melt (into your couch) away
Track Name: Hunter
I forged a great day where endorphins run through my blue blood stream
I'll still make you sad so you can get back at me for bluffing WOW

Maybe when I grow up I'll have a car and have a job
And we'll be old enough
enough to go to France
We could buy a dog and we could name him Lance
I would soon skip town at one o'clock at night
Then you'd laugh so hard
I guess that you were right

There was nothing I could do
Except give you a call
You could meet me here
We'd sleep off so hard, you'd stop picking up your phone
and stop giving you those calls
Try to gather up my guts
maybe just enough, enough to go to France
with the dog we bought and I would call him Sampson
I'd stay out of town past one o'clock at night
Then I'd laugh so hard
I guess that you were right
Track Name: Drip
It dripssss a lot
deep inside
and I'm still not afraid to die

Just like the feeling that you get
its not simple to drop feeling upset
I eat a lot
I'm feeling good
I shake it off
Just like I should