all brought clouds and the deep blue sky

by Furnsss

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Brendan Dyer - Vocals, Guitars, Drums, Bass Guitar
Jeremy Stern - Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synth
Tom Nagy - Bass Guitar
Stephen Ibanez - Guitars
Mitch Britton - Drums
Evan House - Drums on 'Eureeka'
Taylor Hayden - Bass on 'Duck Pond'
Nathan Nye - Soundscapes on 'Eureeka'

Recorded in Blacksburg, VA by Stephen Ibanez and Evan House in July 2016 and by Chris Villano in Hartford, CT in January 2017.
Album artwork taken in Moab, UT by Brendan Dyer.

All proceeds from this release will be donated to the ALS Association.
This release is dedicated to Ricky Sandoval

Until next time,
Thank you


released July 24, 2018


all rights reserved



Furnsss Connecticut

CT fuzz pop

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Track Name: Mouth Breathing
and it when it goes
it rocks around
and when it shows
you know what you found
i found out how to take it on myself alone
and when she goes
she goes alone
she'll call her home
but no one is there to see it go
when will you be where i know
i found out how to take it on myself alone
Track Name: I Don't Know
woke up with hands above my face
with blinking lights refracting through the glass
and alcohol that rubs your wounds
it sits and percolates on your thighs
a fever blooming makes me wide and loud
and i remember everything
you are mumbling but why does it always make sense?
you are mumbling ---
throw all my blessings in the kitchen sink
and mouth the words to who i love
i don't know i don't know i don't know
will it be warm and white and gleeming
Track Name: 10 Spot
10 spot
backyard wiffle ball
love is the drug
will you meet me in my dreams?
i'll cry and drive
saw your imperfections - they don't bother me
i'll try not to forget how it felt to see you mine
won't forget the feeling you gave me
let's drive
it's a 10 spot parking lot
Track Name: No Shame
if i dare mistake you for who you ought to be
i'm sorry
i'm just hanging ,trying to collect myself
there's no shame in hanging the body
hanging the body out
i get cut, i'm a little bit tired of it
but i try to see the light again
can you show me your light?
Track Name: Say
say that you're my friend
and know the closure glues the difference
when you're on the edge
glitter shining on the bathroom floor
sitting on both of my hands
i hear the voice again
only you yeah only you
can say my name the way that kills my head
mother often said
you're not a person till you're wrong
staying here in bed
i'm not a person all along
better off in bed or off in space or in my head
bigger things outside my door
i'll stay in here instead
Track Name: Eureka
as i picked myself off the window
my eyes cut through
you said hello
(beg to differ)
things could feel much better
but how would i really know?
thinking about you
thinking about you
will i know this for good?
felt happy to be in the same place as before
manic pixie carry me away
evil take me forever
when the shine comes to wash away the shade
will you devour anyway?
thinking about you
go ahead and lay it on me
Track Name: Duck Pond
i had a thought
it left my mouth
i swam in shallow water
i felt the drought
golden sunshine wandering
point a to point b
i can feel her pondering
how long telling me
so did you
inside your room
inside a dream
the sky felt blue
i heard your words
that left your mouth
i felt the deepest water
i swam in doubt
now that you won't be around
i'll feel so different being me
you zig zag wander on your own
love to know that you're free
carry and cherish that dog bone
eternally without complexities
i'll go on forever wondering
are you still apart of me?
Track Name: Roll With It (Blacksburg Tapes)
when it starts again
i don't know what to do
so i roll with it
you pick me up to put me down
it's like i'm talking forever
my tongue hurts so bad
i wanna roll with it again
you pick me up to put me down
you pick me up and pick me up
now every time the feeling feels like pounding at the wall
well all the nerves and nerve endings inside me start to fall
i got a feeling like a better part of all of my life isn't right right right alright
i feel the brain that we have that we all wanna know isn't inside

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